• Royal Charter

    The Royal Charter of Bhutan Health Trust Fund 2000 desired to establish Bhutan Health Trust Fund as a self-sustaining financing facility.
  • Chairman

    “Bhutan Health Trust Fund is inevitable to sustain the provision of free Primary Health Care Services at all times to come. I thank each and every donors and contributors for their valuable contribution to protect the health of our Bhutanese people”
  • Good health contributes to Happiness. Happiness is a priceless gift one can ever imagine.
  • Bhutan Health Trust Fund has started financing the procurement of Vaccines and Essential Medicines through the profit generated from investment of the capital fund.
  • Every contribution and donation to Bhutan Health Trust Fund is matched on one-one basis.
  • Health is the greatest asset one can ever possess. Investing in Health means a nation building
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About Bhutan Health Trust Fund

Taking into account the well-being of the people in general and women and children in particular and above all, the sustainability of Primary Health Care led to the initiation of the Bhutan Health Trust Fund (Trust Fund) sometime during 1997. It was formally launched on 12 May 1998 at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva.


  • To help sustain Primary Health Care through continued and uninterrupted supply of essential drugs and vaccines, needles, syringes, cold chain equipment and other related drugs/equipment
  • To help eliminate financing uncertainties for priority core components of the Primary Health Care Services out of the income generated from the investment of the Fund
  • To help achieve self-reliance in the Primary Health Care Sector

The Fund envisages an investment to generate sufficient returns to meet all annual expenditure on essential drugs and vaccines and help eliminate financing uncertainties for purchase of these crucial components and other related drugs/equipment.

Capitalization of the Fund is done through contributions from donor countries, organizations of private and public status, financial institutions and individuals. It is based on the principle of one-to-one partnership. Any donor contribution to the Fund is matched by the Royal Government of on a one-to-one basis. This principle amply demonstrates the firm commitment of the Royal Government for the development and success of the Fund to sustain Primary Health Care.

The initial target of the Fund is to mobilize US$ 24.00 million, currently the fund stands at approximately USD 19.8 million

VISION – To attain sustainability in the Primary Health Care delivery system.

MISSION – To help provide basic health care services to the people

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