• Royal Charter

    The Royal Charter of Bhutan Health Trust Fund 2000 desired to establish Bhutan Health Trust Fund as a self-sustaining financing facility.
  • Good health contributes to Happiness. Happiness is a priceless gift one can ever imagine.
  • Bhutan Health Trust Fund has started financing the procurement of Vaccines and Essential Medicines through the profit generated from investment of the capital fund.
  • Every contribution and donation to Bhutan Health Trust Fund is matched on one-one basis.
  • Health is the greatest asset one can ever possess. Investing in Health means a nation building
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Launching BHTF's financing of Essential Drugs and Vaccines, 9-14 October 2015 along with Annual Health Walk 2015 : Promote Healthy Lifestyles : Reduce Non-Communicable Diseases.

This year is a special year for BHTF as we are organizing a special event to commemorate the 60th Birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. BHTF was born as per the wishes of His Majesty to provide free health care for all times to come. Therefore the Royal Charter for establishment of BHTF was bestowed in the year 2000.

The Annual Health Walk 2015 and Launching BHTF’s financing of Essential Drugs and Vaccines is a special tribute to His Majesty, the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, Jigme Singye Wangchuck during the 60th Birth Anniversary. His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo bestowed the Royal Charter to establish BHTF in 2,000 to ensure free healthcare in a sustainable manner. Today we are enjoying the fruits of the initiative, therefore we dedicate the success of BHTF to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

Annual Health Walk 2015
Promote healthy lifestyles: Reduce non-communicable diseases

Flag-off point – Royal Thimphu College (RTC) 9: am, but participants should reach there before 7:30 am.
Free Shuttle bus services from lower Changlingmithang parking to RTC between 6-7 am, by Bhutan Post.

Flag- in at Clock Tower Square
Entertainment at clock tower will start from 10:00 am onwards



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