• Royal Charter

    The Royal Charter of Bhutan Health Trust Fund 2000 desired to establish Bhutan Health Trust Fund as a self-sustaining financing facility.
  • Good health contributes to Happiness. Happiness is a priceless gift one can ever imagine.
  • Bhutan Health Trust Fund has started financing the procurement of Vaccines and Essential Medicines through the profit generated from investment of the capital fund.
  • Every contribution and donation to Bhutan Health Trust Fund is matched on one-one basis.
  • Health is the greatest asset one can ever possess. Investing in Health means a nation building
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Asset Management Committee

Additional donations by Wangdue Dzongkhag!!!
With an additional donation of Nu. 21,670/- the total donation by Wangdue Dzongkhag is 291,670/-. Thank you for your donations Wangdue Dzongkhag, your donations will go a long way towards sustaining Primary Health Care of Bhutan.

1st quarter release of funds for essential drugs

As a first quarter financing of essential drugs, BHTF has released Nu. 10 million to JDWNRH to purchase Essential Drugs. BHTF is also in process to release Nu. 10 million to DoMSHI to purchase Essential Drugs for the country.

Wangdue Dzongkhag contributes!!!
The schools, business, civil servants and the public of Wangdue Dzongkhag contributed a sum of Nu. 270,000 for the Move for Health Walk 2014. BHTF sincerely thanks Wangdue Dzongkhag for their valuable contributions and for spreading the message of healthy lifestyle. Your efforts helps in ensuring sustainable primary health care in Bhutan.

Mobile Donations!!! Donate from anywhere from your phone!!!

BHTF now has a link on the newly introduced Bank of Bhutan’s mobile app. With this app. interested donors can donate from anywhere as long as your are a registered M-BoB user, in seconds. Just log onto your mobile app. , click donate and select BHTF to donate.

In this regard BHTF is really grateful to Bank of Bhutan for granting our request. BHTF grows due to support from everyone. Thank you Bank of Bhutan.

Appreciation to our Yum for generous donation!!!
Yum Thuji Zam has donated a sum of Ngultrum 100,000/- to Bhutan Health Trust Fund (BHTF). Yum also donated a sum of Ngultrum 200,000/- last year. We at BHTF are very grateful to Yum for continued support rendered towards BHTF. BHTF exists due to philanthropic donors like our Yum and BHTF, on behalf of the people of Bhutan would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to our Yum.

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