• Royal Charter

    The Royal Charter of Bhutan Health Trust Fund 2000 desired to establish Bhutan Health Trust Fund as a self-sustaining financing facility.
  • Good health contributes to Happiness. Happiness is a priceless gift one can ever imagine.
  • Bhutan Health Trust Fund has started financing the procurement of Vaccines and Essential Medicines through the profit generated from investment of the capital fund.
  • Every contribution and donation to Bhutan Health Trust Fund is matched on one-one basis.
  • Health is the greatest asset one can ever possess. Investing in Health means a nation building
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Bhutan Health Trust Fund Board member

The Board is fully responsible for the management of the Trust Fund. However, the Director is responsible for carrying out day-to-day management of the fund including implementation of the decision of the Board.

Hon'ble Secretary, Ministry of Finance Chairman
Secretary,Ministry of Health
Royal Government of Bhutan
Board Member
Secretary, Gross National Happiness Commission
Royal Government of Bhutan
Board Member
President, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries
Private Sector
Board Member
Director General, Department of Medical Services
Ministry of Health
Board Member



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